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Thank you so very much for listening. The tracks here are fairly diverse: different genres and arrangements... which is a point of pride. I've tried to be loose and precise, to be ragged but refined; I've tried to innovate and be a skilled musical craftsman; I've tried to take my Bowie classes and my Miles classes and my Iggy classes, you know... In most (not all) cases, I have no producer or engineer or anyone else really, making it very difficult to progress these Pro-Tools pieces beyond the DEMO stage - so please forgive the comparatively sub-standard audio if you can. My mixes are getting better and better, but you don't know how truly skilled these engineering wizards are until you've tried it your own damn self. But I enjoy the process so much - ever since my first TASCAM 4-track cassette recorder in, say, 1983... So cool, so cool. I'm happy to say, however, that at some point along the way I stopped being an imitator... and embraced the crazy rough diamond that is my racing musical heart.


I still cannot get enough of the electric guitar.


All instruments played and programmed, all arrangements mixes and words, all vocals, horns and strings - by TB, except: * With the band, "Funky Stella, mixed at "The Studio, Portland, ME by Steve Drown; ** Drums & mixing by Sam Kapala; *** Back Vocals: Lisa Redfern; **** With the Band, "Talking to Animals," Music by Juliana Nash & Greg Porter; Mixed & Recorded at "Q Division" studios, Boston. Enjoy!

Original Music ONE
Original Music for Film

IG = Instagram animation soundtrack

Original Film & Video
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montreal Independent Film Festival - 2021-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Boston Independent Film Awards - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Imaginary Mind Film Contest - 2021.png


thanks anyway

music video 2020

Newest (2020) collaboration between myself and Francine. Shot in the house during the first days of COVID, we interpreted the material in a variety of ways - but always the visuals are about being dissociated, and finding ways to avoid contact with memory and trauma... 

In my song, I'm speaking from that bleak and troubled place all of us know, that feels utterly defeated... The place of "no-hope." Perhaps people are offering support, or solutions, but we just say, "Thanks anyway..." because we just can't hear it... No TV ending, no "get back on the horse..." - just done done done and done... It happens - and there's no shame in it.

Original Music TWO
Original Music THREE
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